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Friday, August 6, 2010

Norton Internet Security 2011 Beta is Coming

Norton 2011Symantec is currently preparing the latest version of its security application, called Norton Internet Security 2011. Although not specifically designed to keep out viruses, but you can use this application to protect yourself from cyber threats.Norton Internet Security can be considered as one complete security application. This application is scheduled to be released in September 2010.

What's new in this product?

Control Console
In this section users can do various things such as backup data online at the Symantec server, see blacklists site which sites are allowed to be visited by the user and parental guide. Parents can decide what sites should be visited by members of his family.

Users can do the scanning process against malicious programs in several modes such as quick scan or full scan. The process on this application is no different from previous series.

Interestingly, this product will check your Facebook account out to see if you get a false invitation on your wall.

Performance Alert
If in the previous series of Norton Internet Security provides only about the performance of computer graphics, they have a little improved on this version

Safer Donwload
Safer Donwload will analyze what files are going to be downloaded by users.

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