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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Disable Startup

Disable StartupDisable startup is used to manage program in Startup Windows and optimaze the configuration of any item in Windows Startup. It can also monitor the start page of your internet browser. And the important thing about this software is that you can use this software to lock your Windows Startup from changes.

Because you know there is always some programs that add itself into Windows Startup. This activity makes your computer's system heavier cause it makes your computer has to load every program whenever you start your computer.

By using Disable Startup, you can improve your system performance. You can do that by remove the unnecessary programs. There is always application that runs at the background without you knowing it. This is such a waste memory and resources.

Disable Startup also monitor your Internet Explorer. It stops unwanted program or website to change your system withour you knowing it. Disable Startup only monitor the start page because the secondary page can have many webpages url on it.

Disable Startup is tested for Windows XP and Vista (32 bits and 64 bits) and it works well.

Free Download Disable Startup (609KB)

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